About us

The airport is operated by Flugplatz Freiburg-Breisgau GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Stadtwerke Freiburg GmbH. Flugplatz Freiburg-Breisgau GmbH currently employs 11 people. The main business activities of FFB GmbH are the maintenance of the airfield area on behalf of the city, the operation of the commercial airfield and the leasing of parts of the airfield to sports groups with flying activities, to private pilots and to companies that operate rescue flights, training courses, etc.

Approximately 1000 active members of eight clubs and 15 aviation-related companies are based at our airport, and over 100 aircraft are stationed in 17 hangars in Freiburg.

The further development of the company will depend in particular on:

  • strong competition from other airfields in the region, some of which offer more favourable location conditions,
  • the general economic and weather conditions,
  • the further development of the macroeconomic situation and oil prices.

Investment report of the city of Freiburg (in german language only)

The team from Freiburg Airport

Managing Director
Michael Broglin

Operations Manager
Axel Amschlinger

Team leader tower / Aviation Supervisor
Bernhard Schnekenburger

Tower staff
Marc Palm
Alexander Waldvogel
Alexander G├╝termann (temporary help)
Benjamin Busch (temporary help/Aviation supervisor)
Jan Schandl (temporary help)
Tim Kraus (temporary help)