On this page we provide all important information needed for planning. Please note the NOTAMS in force at any given time and the information we provide under “News”.

Our airfield

The Freiburg EDTF airfield has a 1400-metre-long asphalt runway with landing directions 34/16 and is approved for aircraft up to an MTOW of 10,000 kg (higher PPR).
You can fly to us VFR by day as well as by night. Thanks to the runway lighting and a PAPI (3.5°) in both landing directions, our airfield can be approached safely both day and night.
We are happy to welcome all aircraft, helicopters, ULs as well as gyrocopters.

In general, traffic pattern are not permitted on saturdays from 1300 local, Sundays and on holidays.
Please note that training pattern with gyrocopters are not allowed due to noise protection regulations!

AIP data (extract)

Approval: VFR, NVFR
Radio: 118,255 MHz
Court height: 800ft MSL
Length of the asphalt runway: 1400m
16: TORA 1040m, LDA 1190m
34: TORA1250m, LDA 1040m

PAPI: 16/34

Opening hours

In summer: 06:00 – 18:00 UTC
18:00 – 06:00 PPR
In winter: 07:00 – SS+30 UTC
SS+30 – 07:00 PPR

Outside these times, opening with PPR (subject to a fee) is possible, please register in good time (at least 24 h before).


Following fuel types are available:

  • JET A1
  • MOGAS (SuperPlus)

Payment is possible by debit/credit card or cash. Please note that the AVGAS and JET A1 filling station is operated by the FFH flight school (Tel.: +49(0)761 216 850). Refuelling is possible here from 08:00 – 19:00 (summer) / in winter until 17:00.


Available on request.


As a customs airport, you can easily enter and leave the country after prior registration. You must register at least 2 hours in advance. Click here for the customs declaration (german only, english instructions available).

Airport fees

You can find our currently valid fee schedule here.

User regulations

You can find our current user regulations here.

PPR (prior permission required)

PPR enquiries should be made using the PPR form at least 24 hours in advance.

Special airport conditions

The Freiburg airfield is close to the city centre, which guarantees an unforgettable approach to runway 34.

Due to its proximity to the city, it is also essential that the airport circuit is maintained and unnecessary noise is avoided in Freiburg. We kindly ask all approaching pilots to familiarise themselves with our circuit (short cross approach) in order to protect the residents from unnecessary noise. Thank you very much.

Please note:
With south-west winds, strong turbulences are to be expected on the final approach to runway 16!


Do you have any further questions? Then write us an e-mail or give us a call! Click here for our contact details.